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do starting this week. >> sean: let me ask you about president obama's involvement. the president has come out in support of the unions, obviously. he didn't put forward a budget that he was going to balance. he was cheerleading for those in the end would be pushing for bankruptcy and insolvency. what make of the president's involvement and the dnc and the president's group organizing for america? >> the president of the united states should start focusing on balancing the federal budget. it is a horrible mess. it is what diving these passive problems. -- what is driving these massive problems. the people who are here from wisconsin over the past week and over the weekend, the tens of thousands of protesters have every right to have their voices heard. i've said repeatedly i'm not going to let their voices over power the voices of the legitimate taxpayers who hired me to get the budget balanced. to show wisconsin is open for business. you have tens of thousands of protesters from chicago and nevada and new jersey and other places -- >> sean: one last question. you have said emphatical
the current guy in charge barack obama. number six franklin delano roosevelt. then george washington. john kennedy. number three bill clinton. and abraham lincoln at number two. greatest president in history is ronald reagan. keep in mind these are not historian rankings. should insist before anybody participates, please list the presidents and then fix best. don't go with the ones you can remember. like the movie of all time is the one i just went to. we'll be right back. ask me. >>> welcome back to "hardball". congress pulled an all-nighter on friday night to pass a budget bill that would cut $60 billion in spending. with a few exceptions, it was a party line vote and the cuts themselves look like party line cuts. a lot of them are things that republicans thereof hate, planned parenthood, national endowment for tarts, expenses for the so-called policy czars in the obama administration, the environmental protection agency, and, of course, funding for the implementation of the health care bill. here's dick durbin and lindsey graham on "meet the press." >> if we end up shutting down the gov
. generally high marks for the obama administration during what happened in egypt and as that was playing out, former bush defense secretary paul wolf owe wots says he thinks the u.s. should be providing humanitarian aid support, where does this leave the obama administration? >> i think that the obama add minute strigs is where they've been. they're being very caution here to not get out in front of this too much, to sort of allow it time to play out. but i think on this question of humanitarian aid, when you talk to experts they say that's not really what's needed right now. this is a country that has resources. if you wanted to bring in humanitarian aid, the actual challenge here is one of access. it would be virtually impossible to get resources into the country at this moment. so we'll continue to watch it play out. >> alicia, thank you. carl bernstein, rick lazio, thank you. we have a lot more to talk about this morning. >>> i want to check in on wall street where stocks are plunging and oil prices are soaring on this growing unrest in libya. cnbc's becky quick joins me. what's happenin
have based a $40 billion cuts on president obama's larger budget but since congress never passed the budget they say the democrats overstate the signs of their cuts, as well. >> if you want to make your cuts look big, do them relative to the president. >> congress has taken a week off in observance of presidents' day. the current bill expires march 4th but there is little sense of urgency about the prospect of a government shutdown. >> we're not looking for a government shutdown and negotiations and short term extensions is my guess. >> they want to avoid the repeat of 1995-1996 government shut down and republicans got the blame. but at the party activists is taking the pa blame for another shutdown. >> house speaker says he doesn't want a government shutdown but he won't agree to a temporary spending bill mean the shutdown may depend on how much they cut when congress gets back. >> brett: a suicide bombing in northern afghanistan killed at least 30 people at a government office. noontime attack wounded 40. many of the people that were hit were in line to obtain government identi
systems. as obama says, we need to start uttering healing words. president obama said that at the tucson memorial. we have to start uttering healing words to one another instead of wounding words. what we are trying to do is create systems -- school systems and juvenile justice system is that he'll instead of juvenile justice systems and school systems that continue to wound our youth. >> can i just say something about the systems of discipline in schools? so that before it even gets to the place where it is an issue, is that those systems definitely need changing. the question that parents need to ask when they have been told that their child has been involved in some misbehavior is to ask what was happening? what were the conditions? what were the circumstances? what were the antecedence that led to this behavior? because if we do not fix those, we will seed the systems you talk about. [applause] it is amazing how many young people can be turned back from negative behavior if the situation is appropriately addressed in schools. looking at the circumstances that give rise to boredom and
, but how far would and could the obama administration go to prevent a full fledged massacre? >>> and a powerful earthquake leaves one of new zealand's largest cities in ruins. dozens are dead, and more may be trapped under crumbled buildings and chunks of concrete. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we fin with a very, very real danger that anti-government protesters in libya could be slaughtered in huge numbers. the strong man moammar gadhafi making it clear today that he won't go down without a fight. eight days into the demonstrations against gadhafi's regime, at least one person in the libyan capital is reported hearing bullets are being fired non-stop. this is the picture gadhafi wants the world to see. we're told libyans were dragged into the street and even offered money to show their support though for gadhafi. and in a rambling speech today, the libyan leader rejected demands that he step down, and he warned that his opponents would pay with their lives. >> translator: whoever cooperate with foreign countries in order to initiate war against libya
see that might be able to be done that isn't being done to save lives in libya? >> president obama has to condemn the gadhafi regime. it's been -- we're way passed the freedom of expression and the freedom to protest in libya. right now, he should bring people with live rounds. he's killing people with mortar shells. there's videos coming out which gives you all of the videos from everybody b. we're learning that everybody's gunned down, doctors are being killed. it's a genocide right now. i don't think the media can grasp what's going on. we're there every second on twitter, facebook, on the phones. president obama needs to stand against the gadhafi regime. the deals made with the previous administration don't count. they don't exist anymore. there's going to be a new administration in libya and it's in our best interest as americans to fight for freedom everywhere. and to at least verbally stand up. we're not asking for the military. we're not. we're just asking for president obama to condemn the gadhafi regime and for the u.n. to supply medical supplies. people are dying from their
will speak to the topics of advice to president obama in 201, look to the cuban missile crisis to what it tells you about presidential leadership in a military crisis. it's an apt topic given this evening president obama is providing or giving his state of the union address which we will broadcast in this room immediately following ambassador greg's remarks tonight, so if you'd like to stay for that, you can. we'll see if president obama takes the advice that the ambassador is willing to offer. he'll speak for about 45 minutes to which after he'll take questions. we'll have microphones to pass around for people to use for question time. pleas join -- please join me in warmly welcoming ambassador donald greg. [applause] >> thank you. [applause] thank you. [applause] well, for somebody from the third century, he looks very good. [laughter] you completely blew my cover, and i have to say a little bit more about my career as gregory donald in tom clancey's book. in my first visit to north korea in 2002, i was asked three questions by the north koreans. the first was why is george w. bush s
2012 candidate and former arkansas governor mike huckabee is admitting president obama may be tough to beat next year. >> i think all this talk that, oh, he's a one-term president, people tend to forget one time since 1968 has an incumbent president been taken out who ran for re-election and that was jim any carter in 1980. every other time a president may have taken himself out of the running but the idea he's an absolute one-term and easy to beat, this race is going to be like climbing a ladder pointing toward you because barack obama will start with a billion dollars. >> he made that appearance to promote his new book "a simple government" and called running for president a, quote, very grueling process and said that he would make a decision in the summer about whether to wage another bid for the republican nomination. >>> earlier yesterday, huckabee defended mississippi governor barbour of recent criticism he's been insensitive to issues of race and civil rights calling him, quote, a person of impeccable integrity with race. barbour made the rounds in iowa yesterday visiting the
in charge barack obama. number six franklin delano roosevelt. then george washington. john kennedy. number three bill clinton. and abraham lincoln at number two. greatest president in history is ronald reagan. keep in mind these are not historian rankings. should insist before anybody participates, please list the presidents and then fix best. don't go with the ones you can remember. like the movie of all time is the one i just went to. we'll be right back. t gets me the tools and research i need to help me make informed decisions. with fidelity, i can invest in stocks, bonds, all at a great price. wow. yeah, wow. ♪ [ male announcer ] fidelity investments. turn here. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >>> welcome back to "hardball". congress pulled an all-nighter on friday night to pass a budget bill that would cut $60 billion in spending. with a few exceptions, it was a party line vote and the cuts themselves look like party line cuts. a lot of them are things that republi
the white house should reconsider imposing those sanctions that were lifted by president bush. the obama administration has been very careful not to criticize him personally or demand that he step down. >> the crisis in libya is being closely watched here in washington. protesters were outside the white house. they want the white house to exert more pressure on gaddafi. >>> the market's tumble today. libya is one of the world's largest oil producers. earlier today, oil was trading at a two-year high. that sent stocks spiraling. the dow jones industrial average fell 178 points. that is the largest one-day drop for the dow this year. we will continue to monitor the latest developments in at libya. >>> the american rescue team is on its way to new zealand to help search for survivors after two -- after an earthquake. more than 300 people are missing. the earthquake destroyed several tall buildings in christ the church, is a lunch break this is the -- christchurch, new zealand. >>> four americans were killed by somali pirates. according to the navy, they heard gunfire and after in a sealed b
. but the obama administration appeared reluctant to criticize colonel muammar gaddafi by name. president obama has not spoken publicly about libya. nor did the state department spokesman address it until 15 minutes into the daily briefing. >> finally, secretary of state hillary clinton spoke. >> government of libya bears responsibility for what is occurring and must take action to end the violence. >> u.s. officials are concerned about the 35 state department employees and their families who they are trying to evacuate right now. they don't want an iranian hostage crisis. gaddafi is the godfather of modern terrorism. he blew up a discotheque in 1986. libyan agents blew up pan am flight 103. in 2003, gaddafi turned over his weapons of mass destruction fearing he was next on the american hit list after saddam hussein. the u.s. state department then took libya off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the only man held for pan am 103 bombing was returned to libya by scottish authorities because he was allegedly dying of cancer, which he wasn't. today senator john kerry threatened sanctions. "t
. >> the libyan ambassador who just resigned said the obama registration should raise their voice. what should we be doing? it seems to be taking care of itself. however -- no, that's not true. he is killing his own people. he is killing his own people and obama -- shouldn't obama be saying something? >> he should, but before i begin, i wanted to thank you forgetting back to the comedy rich environment of general sidal dictators after last week doing nothing but porn and animals all week long. i missed that. i am glad to be here talking about this. yes, oat bo ma administration -- the obama administration should raise its voice. we have elected a guy who can't speak at all of the every time something comes up he can't do anything anymore. supposedly that will make it better. they were grilling rumsfeld in an interview saying don't you think our image around the world is better? are you high? i think he actually said that at one . she kept insisting that it was. it is like they are still pretending. i think the president is pretending now too. he is just hoping if he kicks back and doesn't do anyt
late today. >>> president obama will lead a forum with small business owners at cleveland state university this hour. we will listen to see what the president might say about libya or the deaths of the four americans killed by pirates. >>> the earthquake damage in new zealand, it is horrific. all you have to do is just take a look. this building collapses onto a street. at least 65 people are confirmed dead in christchurch but that number is expected to rise. much of the city is in ruins. the magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck during lunchtime. dazed, bleeding residents were walking in the streets strewn with debris and concrete. several people are trapped. we heard from one woman who was waiting to be rescued. >> i hope someone knows i'm here. sigh suppose they do. >> you said earlier it sounded like rescuers were coming. >> yes. there are other people on other floors, and they are trying to get up and get everyone out. i just have to wait. >> yes, yes. what goes through your mind? >> oh, well, a couple hours ago, i thought i'd had it. i said good-bye, and i managed to wiggle a bi
to the obama administration's foreign policy. we also know that now as of late january you are the most-traveled secretary of state. out of that we also know that you have traveled to asia eight times in two years. that is more than most secretaries of state. your articulation of smart power as the basis of foreign policy has meant that nontraditional issues such as women's rights, educational exchanges and true public/private partnerships for tackling major global issues have received higher attention than ever before. it's not surprising that in many parts of the world you're treated like a rock star. most importantly, you have used all the implements in your tool kit to create a dynamic and effective foreign policy for our nation. we've assembled a special group of our patrons and friends of richard. we also have a large group of people from all over the world joining us virtually, and i should add that in addition to our san francisco center, we also have colleagues in houston and hong kong listening to this along with all of you with who are on our live webcast. at the asia society
for your time. >> thank you very much. a pleasure. >> tom: president obama headed to the heartland today, listening to small business owners at a cleveland, ohio, forum. calling them the backbone of the american economy, the president asked for their ideas on how uncle sam can make it easier for small businesses to grow. the president said, "when our small businesses do well, america does well." >> you're the anchors of our main streets-- small businesses built by folks who live and work in the community and look out for one another that end up determining success or failure of cities and towns. >> tom: president obama also used today's event to announce a.o.l. co-founder steve case is joining the new jobs and competitiveness panel. case will lead the start-up america partnership promoting entrepreneurship. >> susie: citigroup shares tumbled almost 5% today, the most active stock on the big board. investors sold shares on word that the trustee for victims of bernie madoff's fraud has targeted citigroup. in a suit filed in december but unsealed this week, trustee irving picard claims citi
with the situation going against the left, president obama is in a tight spot. last week the house voted to de-fund public broadcasting and planned parenthood. the president knows the writing is on the proverbial wall. >> my bottom line is that i think the planned parenthood in the past has done good work. if there was a specific problem at this center, it should be addressed. but we shouldn't get so distracted with some of these issues that we ignore what's really going to determine how well our kids do in the future. >> bill: changing the subject. well, it's clear the president is not going to defend planned parenthood. most likely will not defend pbs or npr either. so it seems that the battle for fiscal responsibility is going against the american left. governor walker in wisconsin says he is not going to back down. and according to the rasmussen poll, likely voters are with him. the far left media can distort all it wants but big changes are coming all across the u.s.a. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction joining us from milwaukee robin vos. state legislature that co-c
. >>> police are investigating graffiti that contains death threats against president obama and governor brown. the messages were spotted this morning in santa anna about 1 mile from where spray-painted graffiti threatened the governor last month bbc the obama and brown must die and there are slurs targeting the president,, and mexicans. the secret service has been notified. >>> dozens of medical marijuana dispensaries are being audited by the irs. janine de la vega explained why this couldn't for some of them to go out of business. >> reporter: it is run like a business. medicinal marijuana, illegal under federal law and cannabis collectives say that is a problem when it comes to how the irs treats them. under federal law marijuana is considered a controlled substance and they could apply tax code to ade that does not allow drug trafficking organizations to adapt business expenses. >> if it were applied strictly we would not be allowed to deduct our rights, payroll or any of the other normal and usual expenses. >> reporter: the attorney says 280e was created in the '80s to go after drug lords
of tripoli. the obama administration has condemned the government's use of lethal force. earlier today, the deputy ambassador of libya's mission to the united nations renounced colonel qaddafi calling on them to step down and leave the country. joining me now are professor dirk vandewalle of dartmouth college and barbara plett of the british broadcasting corporation. professor, let me go to you first, tell me where you think things are at 5:00 p.m. on monday. >> i think at this point we are at kind of a crucial phase. it seems the demonstrations have started to take place in tripoli and tripoli in many ways is in a sense the big prize. green square in tripoli is really the symbol of qaddafi's revolution. it's where he holds his annual parades. it's where three days ago he still walked around to prove thaefs still in charge. and my hunch is that if indeed these demonstrations continue, particularly around green square but extend beyond tripoli as well and that the kind of fighting we've seen continues, that this may very well be the crucial 48 hours ahead of us that will decide whether
president obama said last month in the state of the union, we need to celebrate the superbowl winners, and the science fair winners. and they are here and this is the future engineers of our cities and they're here today. >> reporter: and they are facing real problems and coming up with real solutions. explain to everybody how it works. >> well the teams are formed of 12 and 13-year-olds. they have a mentor engineer on the team and their teachers and their school. there are 30 plus regional competitions and the winners are here today for the final. >> reporter: and they have to come up with a future city but they have some parameters they have to follow, correct? >> they can set their city however in the future they would like. there is a theme. this year each of the cities have consider health care and virtual health care is a challenge and we'll see ingenuity brought to that. >> reporter: and they start by using software and start a model. >> and then they produce a physical model and essays and research are part of it and the presentation is important as well. >> reporter: and they
, as president obama flies into cleveland to promote his own jobs agenda. just like in wisconsin the fight in ohio centers largely on collective bargaining. in a nutshell, that's when workers ban together to negotiate their own pay and benefits instead of every single employee making his or her own deal. with me now its ohio's new republican governor, john kasich, who supports the bill that would sharply role back employees collective bargaining rights. governor, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you are facing a massive protest tomorrow of -- by public workers at the state capital, objecting to your plan to roll back collective bargaining rights. in wisconsin they're facing a possible government shutdown over a similar issue. how far are you willing to take this? >> well, jessica. this is not really just about collective bargaining. we have an $8 billion budget hole in ohio. we have a third of our college students, that leave ohio after three years the we have lost 600,000 jobs in the last ten years. only california and michigan have lost more than that. and part of the reason
is as frustrated as anyone. >> if you're president obama and watching these scenes roll out like the predicted domino effect, part of you must be excited that freedom and democracy is breaking out in this way. another part must be terrified by the implications. >> terrified because you don't want thousands and thousands of people who are peacefully protesting, want a change in the government, 42 years of gadhafi is enough for these people. and if these people are going to be brutally killed whether by war planes or helicopters, gunfire, then, you know, it's going to be an awful situation. it's going to underscore -- the changes are dramatic throughout africa and the middle east right now. and i suspect this is only just the beginning. the next six months or a year is going to see even greater change. >> if you're an american watching this, what should you be thinking? >> you should be thinking, first of all, the young people who are going to die. that's awful enough. because a lot of innocent people, young men and women are going to die. and some not so young. just people who want to see that
to corporations in 2007 or so, which barack obama blocked, told the banks i'm the guy standing between you and the pitch forks, blocked that bill in the house trying to ratchet backbones, had to help them, make sure we had confidence in them. without a villain, without barack obama letting people have the villain they want, the republican party stepped in and said you know, it is government and public employee unions that are the cause of your problems. now people like walker are able to pick up on that. there is a void left in the national merit of what has gone wrong in our country the past couple years. barack obama did not effectively fill it for reasons good and bad. walker and others have been able to step in there, use it to accomplish some long term gop priorities. some may make sense, some may not. but i think there's a large political story, and it has to do with failure of the democrats to articulate a narrative that made sense to people and a plan how to get us out of here. >> the governor you heard him say in the press conference there's a friday deadline looming on restructur
of mrs. obama and sacha getting into a ski left. president obama did not make the trip. we're told secret service was very visible on the slopes. >> they made the president stay home on president's day. >> he apparently coached his daughter's basketball team as a sub. and she wasn't even there because she was on vacation. >> rough day. >>> loudoun county schools just let us know they are closed today. all the closings are at the bottom of your screen. >>> still ahead, the snow has closed down -- slowed down. we still have a lot of messy roads and tom will tell us
barack obama. >> unaunivisionunivisionnoticie honores y gran mut tomultitud o obispo de la ciudad celebró la misaticier de cuerpo presente >> tenemos expresiones en español que no se traducen muy facilmente en inglés, un muchacho muy noble. >> antes de la misa un grupo de agentes recibió a la familia de jaime y honro su presencia, también se presentó el agente víctor avila el colega de jaime quién lo acompañaba en el viaje en dónde zapata murió asesinado la semana pasada en una emboscada en ruta a san luis ero un en méxico,isionunivisíct una herida en su pierna. >> alionunivisionnoticiero univ@ ivisiode altnotiango do univisii quienes dieron el pésame a los zapata entre ellosunion janet napolitano secretaria de seguridad nacional el procurador noticiero univisionunivisionnotn director deero un ice ademásuni >> (hablando en inglés)notio un >intérprete:no direcero unionun@ que noún pero univisionunivisio su trabajo. la declaración es el referencia en la lucha contra el narcotráfico. >> esto pasó a un oficial americano en tierras extranjeras tratando de mejorar a
killed in all. president obama got the word about what happened aboard the yacht just before 5:00 this morning. he had authorized the use of force if there was a threat to the lives of the american hostages. >> members of the adams church say that since 2004, the couple's been sailing the world for six months out of the year. stopping in remote areas to hand out bibles. >> they traveled the world. they'll give seminars. show us what's going on at the club. >> reporter: a statement from u.s. central command says all four americans were shot by their captors and that u.s. sailors tried but failed to save their lives. the statement also expresses condolence to their families. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> we're also following a developing story from new zealand. at least 65 people have been killed after a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck christchurch. thousands ran for their lives, trying to escape buildings and hundreds have been trapped under buildings and homes. the quake is one of new zealand's worst natural disasters. the prime minister is calling it the country's
that president obama is no pushover. >> i do think that the idea that running against barack obama is going to be really easy for the republican nominee, that's utter nonsense. >> reporter: why? >> because he's going to have a billion dollars to start with and no primary opponent. and running against that mountain of money and a guy who is the incumbent president, i don't care who it is, the power of incumbency is significant. >> reporter: there's another reason this might not be mike huckabee's year, the tea party means it's a very different republican party this time around. >> what i'm going to find out is what are the objections that i have to overcome? you know, in the republican primary it's a demolition derby. it's not just a matter of am i making some people happy but how intensely am i making some people within that primary unhappy? >> reporter: huckabee has a real independence group and approved taxes as governor, opposed some crackdowns on illegal immigrants and granted clemency to a lot of convicted criminals. i have heard you described as a bleeding heart christian conservative
's make the cuts. megyn: and i think he's referring to president barack obama, but the president has said that he wants something in place. he doesn't want the government to shut down. the republicans have said they don't want that. the last time we had that under president bill clinton, it was bad, it was unpopular, parks were closing, veterans' benefits were not getting paid. last time, 61,000 workers had to stay home and basically all heck broke loose. neither side wants it, and yet i see -- harry reid's proposal this morning doesn't propose additional cuts, which is what the republicans said must be in there. >> but we have to look, whether left or right, and a lot of people on the left and right are coming to the i party, independent. you have the tea party, who wants the federal government shut down, because they think the government is the enemy. then you want people on the left and right that want cuts, but don't like a lot of the cuts. the reality is, since january 1, 10,000 people a day become seniors and that will continue for 19 years. how can you be cutting in such amounts pr
sindicatos. algo que el propio presidente obama denuncia, como un a samiento para debilitar al movimiento laboral. >>> y lo que este gobernador republicano propone hacer, es eliminar un derecho, que se ganó hace más de 50 años >>>carlos: mientras fuerzas conservadoras del tea party sale por el gobernador. >>> para poder hacer estas decisiones, para enfrentar estos problemas >>>carlos: protestas y debates similares empiezan a desatarse en estados como ohio, indiana y tennessee se cree que la tensión se puede propagar a otros lugares. incluyendo a california, a estado que se enfrentan a déficit y estudian como reducir sus gastos. activistas acusan apolíticos conservadores de tratar de balancear los presupuestos bre las espaldas de trabajadores inmigrantes y ahora los sindicatos. . >>> vamos a ir a madison. y vamos a ir un grupo grande porque estamos defendiendo el derecho de ellos y el derecho de todos los trabajadores en este país. >>> si el gobernador de wisconsin limitan la influencia y al kahn cuestión de los sindicatos sus esfuerzos se pueden duplicar en otros estados. en los
highway patrol are now investigating new graffiti threatening president obama and governor jerry brown. the messages were found on a wall in santa ana in orange county. one said quote governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up nearby less than a mile away. >>> smokers in honduras could be arrested for lighting up at home. a new law took effect on monday banning smoking in public and private spaces. it doesn't outlaw smoking inside the home but it does allow people to file a complaint about second home smoke. it will be almost impossible to enforce in a country of 8 million people. >>> time now is 4:53. we need to go back over to sal. how is the commute? >> so for it's good. let's go outside and take a look at what we have here. the traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive heading south there are no major problem there is. also the morning commute looks good on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. that traffic continues to move along very nicely. if you are driving o
for all of us with obama in the administration. i'm personally very proud of the work that he has done, that we have done here in san francisco among a wide array of voters and to be elected by what many consider the last batchtyon of president african-american community in after, it is a special honor to be here today buff. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor. supervisor mirkarimi is here with us but before he calms -- comes up -- comes up i want to mention ralph lewin, with the california huh-uh -- humanities council here with us also. we have a number of other elected and appointed officialed and at i said to them earlier, i was ansigned the task of introducing -- i was ansigned the tasking introducing them and don't have the list but i was specifically threatened bim dr. torea moses if i didn't many introduce him. ing [laughter] or without further ado, supervisor ross mirkarimi. >> i'll make my statements we -- very quick. i just came out of charing the public safety committee meeting. there's a lot be to talk about. i want to say another happy congratulations on black hi
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